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While using Textinghome dot com you are bound by the terms and conditions specified within. If you do not agree with those conditions you must not use our service.

Textinghome.com is a free service provided for users in good faith that the messages are being sent to recipients that are not offensive or spam. We are truly a free service so if you see a link that you are inclined to, we suggest you click on it and bookmark us.

This site is only intended for real live human beings. No automated services are allowed to send text messages using textinghome.com. If you wish to use our service for commercial purposes, please contact us with your proposal.

We will send each message through our gateway provider for delivery. Textinghome.com guarantees that all messages are sent directly and that all third parties are responsible for delivery on their end. This service is only available to North American device users on specific networks. If messages are not arriving to a specific cellular phone number contact us and we will remedy the problem.

Using textinghome.com to send abusive messages can be traced to the original ip address upon request from the Police and they will be liable for prosecution under numerous criminal acts.. Furthermore, you agree not to send abusive or defamatory messages through this service. We also reserve the right to block any persons phone number ip address at any time for any reason we feel necessary.

As a user of textinghome.com it is you, the user, that is responsible to find out if there are any costs that will be incurred and if there are, you have the permission of the person who will incurr those costs. We are not responsible for any costs incurred to any recipient at any time for any reason. According to the can-spam act it is the person that creates the message that is responsible for the content of the message.

By using this service you are bound to these terms and conditions. Textinghome.com may change these terms at any moment with no warning with the new terms and conditions going into effect immediately. Any Violation of these Terms and Conditions may result in federal Hacking charges cited by United States v. Lori Drew 2008.

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